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Documentation for building a Pandas Dataframe from the FPL API, and running a value analysis on 19/20 season

As of the writing of this tutorial, before match week 30+, I’m ranked #3,919 in the world in Fantasy Premier League Soccer (team: Yin Aubameyang), which equates to the top 0.05% in the world.

It didn’t happen by accident, and it wasn’t all luck.

It’s taken several years of playing this game to learn the patience, skill, and strategy required to succeed. From #1,181,262 in 2011/12 to #39,804 in 2018/19, and now #3,919 in 2019/20 with 8 GWs left:

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 21Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

The past few weeks have been extremely encouraging for my 20/21 campaign, with an improvement from a season-low of 5.6M in GW7 to season-high of 900K in GW20.

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The latest team earned 66 points, and a game week rank of 399,086:

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 18 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

It’s been 6 game weeks since my last update and my rank has continued to improve over that stretch. Causation or correlation? I’m not sure. Is my lack-of-writing helping my team selection? Possibly. Writing out one’s thoughts seems to create this weird demand for analysis for the sake of seeming analytical. I’ll try to avoid that trap today.

Quick update on GW17 and rank:

The team is currently sitting at #1,820,582 out of 7,825,915 — continuing to bounce off the GW8 bottom of 5,688,832. I’m grateful for the improvement.

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I have these 10 to thank for my rise of nearly 500,000 spots last gameweek:

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 12 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

After a successful free chip and a team score of 97, I’ve surpassed over 1,000,000 managers in the overall rankings. Rising to my highest rank of the season: 2,742,028

It’s about damn time.

It’s the 4th rise in rank in 4 weeks, bouncing from 5,688,832 overall to 2,742,028 overall since GW8.

These are the lads responsible:

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A goal from both Vestergaard and Zouma.

A Neco Williams cleansheet before getting subbed off by TAA.

Son and Kane delivering against Arsenal as I predicted they would.

Captain KDB with a goal, assist, and bonus points.

Bamford finally getting his due.

Still, there…

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 11 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

A steadier hand at the wheel, along with some strokes of good luck, is resulting in better decision making and an improved rank for Team Yin AubameYang.

Stick with me here because I think this memo is one of the better one’s I’ve written so far this 20/21 season.

Table of Contents:

  1. Reflection and Personal Changes
  2. GW10 Review
  3. GW11 Team Selection (Free hit activated)
  4. Value Analysis

Reflection and Personal Changes

The ups and downs of the first 10 game weeks has made me focus much more on the inner game of being a good FPL manager.

To some, this “inner game analysis” might seem overkill. …

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 10 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

Captain Bruno returned with a goal and max bonus points, and defense dominated in Team Yin AubameYang’s highest haul this season: 78 points (-4) and a game week rank of 424,810 — pushing the team up to 4,768,542 overall.

Still garbage, but at least it’s not on fire.

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Fabianksi has returned 15 and 9 in GW8 and GW9, respectively, outscoring Pickford’s entire 2020 season in just two game weeks. It’s a nice reminder that this game can turn on a dime with the right transfer.

Robertson loyalty paid off with a 12 point haul. I was this close to benching…

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 9 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

Transferring in Fabianski for Pickford payed off. Captaining Son did not.

It was a decent GW8, overall, with 63 points (-4 hit) and a GW rank of 2,207,060, moving the overall rank from 5,688,832 to 5,404,587.

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Bamford rewarded me with a goal, the first return since bringing him in after his hattrick. The Leed’s man is top of the charts for value at the moment (below), thanks to the 7 goals he’s scored in 8 game weeks. I’m happy to have him in the team now, after I incorrectly predicting a Pukki-like fall from grace after his first 3 game…

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 8 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

Another poor gameweek but I’ve managed to minimize the frustration, despite (1) former forward Mitrović finally getting a decent haul while my new man Bamford blanks (2) Pickford seeing the bench and (3) playing a 9 man team without a substitute defender or goalkeeper.

But it could have been much worse. Podence, Barnes, and Kane managed to “save” a gameweek that could have been much, much worse.

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GW7 rank: 6,502,340

Overall rank: 5,688,832

Liverpool continue to give up goals in a surprisingly good AND bad start to the season. Going forward, they are strong — scoring 17 goals so far…

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Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 7 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

After some time off cavorting with friends deep in one of the glorious deserts of the Western United States, the FPL Memo is back in action. Though it looks like Digne, Ake, and Mitchell may not be. This spells trouble for my defensive line, but — with my free transfer burned swapping Bamford for Mitrovic — I’m going to risk a 10-man team instead of taking a hit.

Patience. I knew I had it in me somewhere.

In addition to a new-found patience and a diminished emotional investment in the game, the theme this week and beyond is to let…

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 4 Retro, Gameweek 5 Memo, Team Yin AubameYang

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m walking to the couch to flip open my computer after a morning playing soccer. I’m nervous with excitement, and I can’t wait to watch my active fantasy players earn some points.

I navigate to to pull up the Everton vs. Brighton match.

As soon as my screen loads, I witness Everton’s Jordan Pickford — who I own — drop a ball in front of Brighton’s Neil Maupay — who I don’t own. Maupay reacts firsts and pokes the ball over the line for a goal.

I surprise myself by yelling “F%%K” as loud as…

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