I’ve been extremely creative today. It didn’t happen by accident. Here’s the progression that allowed me to get into a state of “creative flow” today. Inspire by writer Srinivas Ros and Navy Seal Admiral William McRaven.

(1) Made delicious coffee.

Right out of the gate, I’ve accomplished something awesome and started to build momentum for the rest of the day. This coffee in itself is definitely something worth making. It’s made with Single-source Central American High-altitude beans, grass-fed unsalted butter, MCT oil, raw organic cane sugar and shilajit. It tastes delicious and empowers an energetic, creative morning through it’s nootropic effects AND the momentum of creating something awesome. Coffee, check.

(2) Consumed delicious coffee and consumed good content.

Found this terrific article that motivated me into production, and this video that reinforced the same ideas (same content as in above intro). I finished reading and watching, and then I started writing.

(3) Started writing down my thoughts.

As I created momentum writing, my thoughts evolved and I found myself writing about something completely different than what I started writing about. Perfect. Momentum.

(4) Instagrammed.

I instagrammed a couple of pieces of my own and was rewarded with some great interaction. Another burst of momentum. Dangerous to flirt with social media while in production mode, but I think this helped more than it hurt.

(5) Thought about self motivation

I’ve been contemplating how to become a person that can easily self motivate. I think I’ve found one of my keys: “acknowledging that I’m learning something valuable, and I’m building a base to learn off of every time. Every experience is valuable if appreciated.” I’ve got to pause, look at each moment, and recognize that I can do something momentous here. So right this second, I’m thinking about how my writing is improving, and how I’m blazing the trail for more productive mornings.

(6) Paused writing to work in Adobe Illustrator

More creating. More doing. Start with a fresh canvas and let your mind be free. I haven’t felt blocked the past couple of days. Mostly because I’ve been tending to my mental and creative soil. I worked in Illustrator for a while and created a couple of pieces that I spontaneously smiled at.

(7) Went for a run

More momentum. I just did something healthy and stimulating. It’s not even lunch and I’ve already created some cool shit, and I’ve hooked my body up with a workout and a surplus of oxygen. More momentum.

(8) Skipped lunch. Made tea instead.

I made something new. I did something different. Rather than eat lunch as I would normally do every other 364 days out of the year, I blended up some peppermint tea with coconut oil, cane sugar and cayenne pepper. I consumed that while intermittently stretching and writing. I’m usually guilty of eating too much heavy food and causing all the blood to rush straight to my gut, robbing my mind of any power to do something constructive and creative. So in the spirit of creative action, I made this new drink and it propelled me with more momentum into a creative and productive afternoon.

(9) No thinking. Just doing.

I lost myself in the fun of designing something new in Illustrator. I let go and had a blast. Because of all the momentum I had built earlier today, I had no bad endorphine-driven habits to break because I was too busy doing constructive things. I didn’t check email, I didn’t text, I didn’t focus on food, I didn’t check Facebook. I just wrote, created and shared.

(10) Reflect and write, again.

This post is a template for my future mornings. My hope is that I’ve imbued these pages with a morning program that will help define future creative mornings. The act of reflective writing every morning will help bridge the days and help momentum carry over day-to-day.

I hope this has been of some help or inspiration to you. Now go create some dope shit.

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Documentation and tutorials on Python, Programming, and Data Analysis. FPL Addict. Occasionally writing about biohacking, PMing, and food.

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