Hi Noah. Thank you!

You could use gspread to send data from a notebook to a google sheet, but that would require you manually running the notebook. It would “automatically” send your CSV but only when you run the notebook. Certainly easier than copy/pasting all the time once you get it up and running, and you’d be able to hardcode any data cleaning you need to do in the CSV.

I don’t know of a solution for scheduling a notebook to run on a timer, though.

You could look at creating a cron job using Celery, but that would require deploying an app.

I’ve wanted to do what you are describing for a while now, but haven’t found anything. Just went to google again for a solution and found this: https://docs.qubole.com/en/latest/user-guide/notebooks-and-dashboards/notebooks/jupyter-notebooks/scheduling-jupy-notebooks.html#create-jupy-schedule

I may give it a go sometime soon. Let me know if you have any luck with this because I’m interested as well!

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