I get caught between crying and laughing every time I read one of these ridiculous the-buck-stops-here articles by another “science health hero”. “Science man! Here to protect the internet from apple cider vinegar and lemon juice!”

The absence of scientific evidence is not evidence of the antithesis. Please understand that investment in a scientific study is a function of the potential return on the productization of the research. What kind of research group is going to organize a large scale investigation into the health benefits of a $0.10 / serving product that is not patentable and not defensible?

To readers: have respect for your own anecdotes and experiments and intuition. Cultivate open-minded skepticism. Have as much skepticism for this article as one that treats apple cider vinegar as a miracle cure. The truth is very, very specific to your own body, diet, and lifestyle, and this bulls*** article only fogs the mirror by making a sweeping conclusion against based on the fact that he hasn’t been able to dig up evidence for. Hogwash.

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Documentation and tutorials on Python, Programming, and Data Analysis. FPL Addict. Occasionally writing about biohacking, PMing, and food.

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