If you are looking for guidance on how to optimize a system, and you are tossing out evolutionary biology, you’re always going to struggle to find an optimized solution for Earth’s ecological system.

At the core, I suppose this is why you support veganism. You are optimizing for your definition (or someone else’s definition) of what is “moral”. How do you define what is “moral”?

When I think about this problem of food systems and how it intersects the health of the global ecological system we rely on, I’m optimizing for human health and ecological health. For me, “moral” = “healthy”.

Yes, there are problems with our food production and supply chains. Factory farming of meat is detestable and a source of disease. I wish I could delete these Factory meat farms, but I also wish I could delete mono-cropped grains and vegetables because those non-meat-producing systems are corrupting our planet and population’s health as well.

The solution here is not to delete meat consumption, because meat and animal products are an absolutely essential requirement for optimization of human health, something I imagine you’ll disagree with me on.

The solution is to improve food production on a global scale, optimizing for ecological health. An optimized food production system HAS to include animal husbandry. It’s inescapable. An optimized food system optimizes for the health of its soil, a complex ecological system that includes all manner of plants and animals. Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms is one of the best examples of this on a small scale.

I’d like to invite you to explore a number of different resources, but perhaps the best I’ve come across recently is “The Worst Hard Time”, which recounts the horrific stories of the Great American Dust Bowl. This crisis was caused by a replacement of grasslands with fields of wheat. Bison and cattle thrive on grassland, but in this manic period of time, American settlers killed off all the Bison to push out the Indians. They wanted the land. They killed the Bison, ripped up the grass, and planted fields of wheat, leading to one of the most horrific natural and economic disasters in American history.

Metaphorically speaking, are you suggesting we kill the Bison, rip up the grasslands, and plant wheat? Feel free to replace “wheat” with “soy”, “corn”, “canola”, “pea”, “tapioca” or any other mono-cropped ingredient you’ll find listed on the back of your vegan frankenfoods.

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