It is not true that omnivorism tortures animals, destroys the environment, and threatens the future of humanity.

It not true that veganism is good for the environment and does not threaten the future of humanity.

Alas, the world is not black and white, though it's much easier to argue that way.

Nuance is important, but difficult to present to an audience that wants validation for their diet of choice.

Factory farming animals is not so much different from mono-cropping soy, wheat, corn, or canola.

Both practices are destroying the environment, killing animals, and raping the soil.

Both practices support a food system that is interested in providing cheap calories with a snazzy package; all designed to separate an unwitting consumer from their money, and softly nudge them towards a slow deterioration in health.

Popular omnivorism and popular veganim... the diets are not different. They both promote a plate filled with processed carbs, polyunsaturated seed oils, and shelf stabilizers.

Moving from a diet of Tyson Chicken to Beyond Meat burgers is just running from one corrupted food complex into the other. They both destroy the environment and clog our health systems.

The current system is broken. But the solution is not to turn to the same system of a different flavor.

There is a different way, and animal husbandry is a part of it.

Interested? Learning more about permaculture is a good start.

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