Some good points in this article, but the claim that “consuming animal products is bad” is false. The morality of meat consumption is one thing, but the simple truth is that humans are incredibly well-equipped to hunt and digest meat. This is the niche that we as a species have asserted ourselves into — one of sustenance by way of both plants and animals. If you enjoy the highly-functioning brain that you have, you have a very long list of meat-eating ancestors to thank for it. Meat is not the health demon you are looking for, but your nose is on the right track: the system of large scale food production and delivery — including meat, vegetables, fruit, grains, etc. — is in dire need of an update.

Good point made by Jane Woodman in the comments. Factory-farmed meat isn’t the only meat production option. Factory-farmed meat is detestable both morally and in defense of the planet.

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