The Dawn of the “Internet Librarian”

If you think databases are growing quickly now, just wait 5 years.

I recently met someone who is married to a Librarian. At first I just sorta “hmmmmed”, but after thinking on it, I realized that library management is still a massively applicable skill. Think about it. There’s more searchable data now than every before in human history. Databases are growing faster, taller, wider and more complex by the second. And, in just a few short years, I think they’ll be so unmanageable that a new niche is going to be glaringly obvious. In fact, I think the niche is showing itself now. It’s going to be most accessible to entrepreneurs with unique data cataloging skills and techniques.

There’s already an extraordinary amount of data in the cloud. As the “Internet of things” matures, it’s going to bring with it a bigger challenge for the Googles of the world. I expect there to be a huge mess of unorganized data; the format of which the we may have not yet encountered. Whoever can efficiently organize and search that data will command the future of learning and insight. I think the big question here is “will it be Google? Or will it be something(s) else?”

Personally, I think it’s going to be a combination of both. I think we’re going to see a flattening of the search marketplace with many competitors jumping into the game. Each competitor will carve their niche by specializing in increasingly-specific subject matters or catering to unique UX preferences. The market will quickly flatten with many players, and then the number of players will recede as individual companies win the game and buy out smaller, but still valuable, teams and technologies.

Anybody else curious to watch this unfold? Or can point to interesting developments in the field of IOT database management?

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